Featured past event:
2015 Annual ANU Reconciliation Lecture

Each year, a renowned Australian individual is invited to speak publicly on the topic of reconciliation. In 2015, the lecture was given by The Honourable Mr Kevin Rudd.

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<strong>Featured past event:</strong> <br />2015 Annual ANU Reconciliation Lecture

Featured past event:
‘Repatriation stories from a far away land’

A public lecture by NCIS Adjunct Fellow Dr C. Timothy McKeown, a legal anthropologist whose research focuses on the development and implementation of repatriation policy.

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<strong>Featured past event:</strong> <br />‘Repatriation stories from a far away land’

Featured past event:
Graduate research retreat

NCIS hosts an annual workshop for Higher Degree by Research (HDR) scholars who are Indigenous to Australia, or are undertaking research into indigenous topics.

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<strong>Featured past event:</strong><br />Graduate research retreat

Featured past event:
Justice Reinvestment Forum

2 August 2012: NCIS co-hosted a 1-day discussion forum with academic and government leaders, about issues related to Justice Reinvestment.

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<strong>Featured past event:</strong><br />Justice Reinvestment Forum

Featured past event:
Common Roots: Common Futures conference

20 – 22 February 2012: NCIS co-hosted a 3-day conference and workshop at the University of Arizona, focusing on national and international Indigenous governance and development.

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<strong>Featured past event:</strong><br />Common Roots: Common Futures conference


NCIS-hosted events are listed on this page. Events that may be of interest to researchers and students in the Indigenous studies field, including but not exclusively those hosted by NCIS, are listed on our Indigenous studies calendar.


Justice Reinvestment and Incarceration in the ACT: A Joint ANU-IGPA Event

Australia spent $3.2 billion on incarceration in 2013-14.

The burden of incarceration falls heavily on Indigenous families and communities: from 2000 to 2010, Indigenous prisoner numbers increased by 85% compared with 35% for non-Indigenous. Indigenous Australians make up 28% of the adult Australian prisoner population and are 14 times more likely to be imprisoned than non-Indigenous people. An Indigenous person aged 10-17 years is almost 15 times more likely to be under supervision on any given day than a non-Indigenous young person.

Five years after opening AMC reportedly needs a $54 million extension, signifying that the ACT is not immune from the expansionary pressures in other Australian jurisdictions. While ACT has Australia’s lowest incarceration rates, its incarceration pattern mirrors other jurisdictions in over-representation of Indigenous prisoners (Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that at 2013 it was 16%, but more accurately currently it is over 25%) and, as elsewhere, its prisoners are usually from low socio-economic neighbourhoods.

An innovative policy idea that is gaining traction in Australia is Justice Reinvestment (JR). JR can be conceived of as both a philosophy for justice reform and a set of strategies that seek to examine incarceration spending, so that funds that might have been spent on incarceration are instead reinvested into health and social interventions that reduce offending in the socio-demographic groups and communities that disproportionately contribute to prison populations. The idea springs from an understanding that over-incarceration impacts communities in ways that perpetuate cycles of crime. As a systems-based approach, JR encompasses a comprehensive range of service provision areas such as health, housing, employment, justice, family support, mental health and alcohol and other drug use services. It impels policymakers to consider the implications of current punitive policies that result in higher levels of incarceration, particularly of Indigenous Australians, and how funding could instead be directed towards addressing the social determinants of incarceration.

Join Professor Mick Dodson, IGPA Professorial Fellow Jon Stanhope and Mr Jack Waterford as they explore justice reinvestment and consider how funding could instead be directed towards addressing the social determinants of incarceration.

Time & venue: Monday 30th November 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM , Members Dining Room, Old Parliament House

Enquiries & RSVP: via Eventbrite or contact Communication & Events Officer Ms Elle Grady or phone 02 6201 2074. Refreshments provided prior to event at 12:00 noon.


Monthly research hour

NCIS holds a monthly research meeting which provides a space for NCIS members and friends to come together informally for discussions of research issues, presentations, fieldwork reports, seminars, etc.

Time & venue: Generally the third Wednesday of each month at 4 – 5pm in the Level 3 meeting room, John Yencken Building, 45 Sullivans Creek Road, ANU campus.

Enquiries & RSVP: Please contact NCIS Research Associate Dr Fleur Adcock if you would like to attend, and to confirm the date, location and topic of the next meeting.


Indigenous studies reading group

NCIS hosts a bimonthly Indigenous studies reading group, which aims to develop scholarly understandings of the Indigenous studies field within ANU. Reading group meetings and are open to all ANU graduate scholars and staff with an interest in Indigenous studies.

Each meeting of the reading group will involve a facilitated discussion on a predetermined text; this is usually a journal article, book chapter or book excerpt, but documentaries, novels and other relevant media may also be set. The readings will be carefully selected to help establish an understanding of the key scholarship, themes and debates in the Indigenous studies field. All participants are encouraged to raise questions, offer comments and suggest readings for future discussion.

Time & venue: The first Thursday of alternate months at 3 – 4.30pm in the Level 3 meeting room, John Yencken Building, 45 Sullivans Creek Road, ANU campus.

Enquiries & RSVP: Please contact the reading group coordinator, NCIS Research Associate Fleur Adcock if you would like to participate, and to confirm the date, location and topic of the next reading group.

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