Dr Jill Guthrie

Research Fellow

PhD (The University of New South Wales)
MAE (The Australian National University)

T +61 2 6125 0782

E jill.guthrie@anu.edu.au


Dr Jill Guthrie joined NCIS in April 2012 as its Research Fellow. Her PhD, undertaken through the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales, is titled A phenomenological exploration of the experiences of families of Indigenous children hospitalised in the Australian Capital Territory. Jill is a graduate of the Master of Applied Epidemiology (MAE) Program at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health (NCEPH) at ANU.


Jill Guthrie is a descendant of the Wiradjuri people of western NSW, and has lived in Canberra ACT for over twenty years. Following graduation from the MAE Program, Jill worked as an academic member of the MAE staff and continues to work in the program. In March 2009 she was appointed as a Research Fellow at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) in Canberra, working on health-related research projects with a particular focus on the relationship between criminal justice and health. She is a member of the NHMRC-funded Indigenous Offender Health Research Capacity Building Group (IOHR-CBG).

Research outputs: most recent

  • Krieg, Anthea; Guthrie, Jill; Levy, Michael; Segal, Leonie, '“Good kid, mad system”: the role for health in reforming justice for vulnerable communities', The Medical Journal of Australia, Vol.204, Iss.5, 2016, pp:177-179. JOURNAL ARTICLE.
  • Simpson, Paul; Guthrie, Jill; Lovell, Melissa; Doyle, Michael; Butler, Tony, 'Assessing the public’s views on prison and prison alternatives: Findings from public deliberation research in three Australian cities', Journal of Public Deliberation, Vol.11, Iss.2, 2015, pp:1-26. JOURNAL ARTICLE.
  • Lafferty, Lise; Chambers, Georgina; Guthrie, Jill; Butler, Tony, 'Indicators of social capital in prison: a systematic review', Health and Justice, Vol.3, Iss.7, 2015, pp:1-11. JOURNAL ARTICLE.
  • Simpson, Paul; Guthrie, Jill; Butler, Tony, 'A reflection on Gavin Mooney’s citizen jury on offender health', Journal of Australian Political Economy, Vol.73, 2014, pp:224-246. JOURNAL ARTICLE.
  • Simpson, Paul; Guthrie, Jill; Lovell, Melissa; Walsh, Corinne; Butler, Tony, 'Views on alternatives to imprisonment: A Citizens Jury approach', The Lowitja Institute, Carlton South, Victoria, 2014. 48 pages. WORKING/TECHNICAL PAPER.
  • Lovett, Ray; Dance, Phyll; Guthrie, Jill; Brown, Roxie; Tongs, Julie, 'Walan Girri: developing a culturally mediated case management model for problematic alcohol use among urban Indigenous people', Australian Health Review (online), Vol.38, 2014, pp:A-G. JOURNAL ARTICLE.
  • Guthrie, Jill; Lovell, Melissa, 'Justice: spend – and save', The Canberra Times, 31 May 2014. Retrieved 31 May 2014. ONLINE CONTENT.
  • Guthrie, Jill; Lovell, Melissa, 'Future-proofing the ACT justice system', Sydney Morning Herald, 29 May 2014. Retrieved 3 June 2014. ONLINE CONTENT.
  • Guthrie, Jill, 'What is Justice Reinvestment and why is it important?', presented at the Fostering Inclusive Communities, 2013 Statutory Meetings of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement on 15 November 2013. Humanitarian Village, Sydney. LECTURE.
  • Guthrie, Jill; Levy, Michael; Fforde, Cressida, 'Investment in Prisons: Investment in Social Inclusion? - linking the theories of Justice Reinvestment and Social Inclusion to examine Australia’s propensity to incarceration', Griffith Journal of Law & Human Dignity, Vol.1, Iss.2, 2013, pp:254-281. JOURNAL ARTICLE.

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