Adjunct Professor Patrick Sullivan

Adjunct scholar

BA (Hons) in South East Asian Studies and Social and Political Theory (Murdoch University)
PhD in Anthropology (The Australian National University)



Professor Patrick Sullivan is an Adjunct Professor at NCIS and a Professor at the Nulungu Research Institute, University of Notre Dame, Broome. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in South East Asian Studies and Social and Political Theory from Murdoch University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology from The Australian National University. His PhD thesis was titled All free man now: culture and post-colonialism in the Kimberley Division North-Western Australia.


Professor Patrick Sullivan is an anthropologist who has studied the engagement of aboriginal people with the Australian Public Sector since his introduction to the Kimberley region, West Australia, in 1983. Much of his professional life has been spent working with independent aboriginal organisations. His numerous field studies and placements within indigenous organisations have involved practical research and advice on issues of land use and distribution, community control of community development, and governance institutions at the local and regional levels. He worked on native title claims following the High Court Mabo decision in 1992 and has been the Senior Anthropologist for the Kimberley Land Council formulating anthropological and policy advice on local, national and international projects.

Patrick is the author of numerous scholarly articles, practical reports and the recent book Belonging Together: Dealing with the Politics of Disenchantment in Australian Indigenous Policy (Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, 2011). He was a Research Fellow in Indigenous Regional Organisation, Governance and Public Policy at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) from 2002 to 2013, and is now the Project Leader of the ARC-funded Discovery Project Reciprocal Accountability and Public Value in Aboriginal Organisations at the Nulungu Research Institute.

Scholarly interests

Patrick's current active research interests include: the anthropology of organisations; the anthropology of policy; critical management studies; and whole-of-government Aboriginal service delivery and development.

Research outputs: most recent

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