Current HDR scholar projects

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Scholar Topic or working title
Katherine Aigner A critical examination of the productions of Lorraine Mafi-Williams and the notion of a Ngarakwal matrilineal descent model.
Diana Anderssen The construct of Native Title in Australian law: A conceptual analysis.
Sarah Down Consultation with Iwi regarding mineral exploration and extraction.
Kerrie Doyle The Genealogy of social exclusion: women and identity in Aboriginal Australia.
Veronica Fynn Gender violence and the "Rule of Law": Indigenous communities in Australia and post-war Liberia.
Terri Janke Indigenous governance and cultural property: Towards a framework for national guidelines and beneficiary arrangements.
Richard Maning Indigeneity and the production of difference in Australian courts.
Magali McDuffie Jimbin Kaboo Yimardoowarra Marninil: Listening to Nyikina women's voices, from the inside to the outside. How have Nyikina women's voices influenced, and are still influencing, cultural actions, sustainable economic initiatives and self-determination in the Kimberley? A cross-generational study through film: The three sisters' story.
Myles Mitchell The Esperance Nyungars, at the Frontier: an archaeological investigation of mobility, aggregation and identity in late-Holocene Aboriginal society, Western Australia.
Sidha Pandian Indigenous Australian and South Indian classical dance dialogues: An ontological and epistemological performance-based study.
Johanna Parker Gentlemen Scientists: what can be learnt by examining the motivations and methodologies employed by British and Australian private collectors to accumulate Australian Indigenous human remains in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
Annie Te One Māori involvement in international relations: an analysis of foreign policy in relation to Māori identity.
Gary Toone Farming Aboriginal cultural heritage: The perceptions and perspectives of farmers concerning Aboriginal cultural heritage on their properties.
Ed Wensing Land Justice for Indigenous Australians: Can the two systems of land ownership and tenure co-exist, equally and peacefully?

Past HDR scholar projects

Scholar Topic Graduation
Fleur Adcock The United Nations Special Procedures and Indigenous peoples: A regulatory analysis. June 2014
Samuel Curkpatrick Conversing tradition: Wägilak manikay and the Australian Art Orchestra's Crossing Roper Bar. June 2014

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